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“Grateful we can:” St. Francis movers headed to Texas at least twice with needed supplies.

“Grateful we can:” St. Francis movers headed to Texas at least twice with needed supplies.

A small business is helping out in a big way. A St. Francis moving company coordinated a major donation effort for victims of Hurricane Harvey.

“Go there and give them relief,” Vernon Snyder from Hungry Man Moving said.

Snyder and Clay Clark with Hungry Man Moving Sunday, September 3rd made final preparations for a special trip.

“We are used to doing long-distance moves and stuff like that,” Snyder said.

But instead of the run of the mill task of shuffling furniture, this time, their destination is flood-ravaged Texas.

“I’m just grateful we can do it,” Snyder said.

A 17-foot Penske truck was loaded with many items evacuees desperately need.

“We have the capability. We have the truck and the manpower. We asked for diapers, wipes and formula,” Amanda Malka with Hungry Man Moving said.

Community members stepped up and donated money and supplies while support came from businesses as well.

“CannedWater for Kids actually contacted us. They told us they could give us as much water as we need and as many times as we want, and take as much as we can carry,” Malka said.

They mobilized quickly.

“We started thinking about it on Monday, August 28th. Advertised on Wednesday, August 30th, and by Friday, September 1st, the truck was already full. We are ready for multiple loads for the future,” Snyder said.

“It’s been an outstanding outpouring of everything in the community,” Malka said. “It affects your heart so deeply. Any little bit helps. It all goes toward the cause.”

The truck will arrive at a secure site in Texas sometime Monday, September 4th. The crew will stay and help for a few days, and then return to St. Francis to pick up another load of disaster relief supplies for a second trip to Texas.

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April 3, 2018